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With Pujya Swamiji

Books released by Pujya Shri Swami Dayananda Sarasvati, my guru, on gurupurnima 2013

Books released by Pujya Shri Swami Dayananda Sarasvati, my guru, on gurupurnima 2013 and gurukula anniversary 2014
Devanāgarī (Sanskrit Alphabet) Study Book Volume 1 - Single letters

Devanāgarī (Sanskrit Alphabet) Study Book Volume 2- Conjunct Consonants & Exercise on Mantras and ślokas

Available in:
As of November 2014, total 3000 copies are donated to these ashrams

Textbook materials used in the current 3 year course

Enjoyable Sanskrit Grammar Series 1 Basic Structure of the Language (Paperback) (Kindle)

Nouns, Verbs, Factors of actions, etc. for Volume 1 (Paperback) 2 Phonetics and Sandhi  (Paperback) (Kindle)

Volume 3 Derivatives (PancavrttayaH)  (Paperback) (Kindle)

These three books above are available at the book store at: AVG Anaikkatti  and
Rishikesh Ashram

      Study guide to लघुसिद्धान्तकौमुदी Part 1 (संज्ञाप्रकरणम्, सन्धिप्रकरणम्) available for free download at

     Books to be Released Soon
     Study guide to लघुसिद्धान्तकौमुदी Part 2 (सुबन्तप्रकरणम्) 
     Study guide to लघुसिद्धान्तकौमुदी Part 3 (तिङन्तप्रकरणम् भ्वादि - जुहोत्यादि)
     Study guide to लघुसिद्धान्तकौमुदी Part 4 (तिङन्तप्रकरणम् दिवादि - लकारार्थप्रक्रिया)
     Study guide to लघुसिद्धान्तकौमुदी Part 5 (कृदन्तप्रकरणम्) 
     Study guide to लघुसिद्धान्तकौमुदी Part 6 (समासप्रकरणम्)  
     Study guide to लघुसिद्धान्तकौमुदी Part 7 (तद्धितप्रकरणम्)   
     Study guide to लघुसिद्धान्तकौमुदी Part 8 (स्त्रीप्रत्ययप्रकरणम्) 
     Grammatical Points of Bhagavadgita

     अष्टाध्यायीक्रम study on the section of कारकम् and विभक्तिः (mainly following प्रथमावृत्तिः)


  1. Dear Medha,

    I was looking for a good text to learn Sanskrit from, most of the books available seem to be translations of classical texts like the Siddhanta Kaumudi etc.. I was beginning to wonder why does someone trying to learn have to subject himself to the archaic ordering necessitated I am sure by a lack of reading material. That's when I came upon your text, which was everything that I had hoped from a modern textbook on language. On top of it you have also graciously made it available for free. May the lord bless you for your efforts and please accept the gratitude of newbies like me

    warm regards

  2. Dear Medhaji,
    Pranamam, I am fairly new to the doctrine of Vedanta , and I am so glad that I have found this useful link where I am able to download such useful books 'Sanskrit for Vedanta Student', please accept my thanks, and really appreciate your great efforts to produce these texts.

  3. Dear Medhaji,
    Great Job; May the Dakshinamoothy bless you long life and spirit to continue the divine work.

  4. Dear Medhaji

    Amazing work in the form of such wonderful books..May the almighty bless you with the best in all your pursuits.
    My Pranams

  5. Dear Medhaji,
    The grammatical parsing of each word is just what I need for my continued learning! Thanks! Do you have plans to parse the Gita past chapter 5?
    Harih Om

    1. Thank you for your message. I have done up to the middle of 6th chapter so far.
      Please check from the links below.
      I am planning to continue on parsing after September 2017. Thank you.

  6. Dear Medhaji,

    Your books are a class apart from others from the point of view of modern and serious learners. Kindly keep up the great job.

    1. Dear Lahiri Ji,

      Thank you for your message.
      Yes, I will always try to keep up.


  7. Oh good! Thanks so much! All the best!

  8. Please keep up the Good Work...I am student of Vedanta, this blog will help me lot in understanding Gita. Thank you so much

  9. Medha Ji,
    Do you plan to release the remaining volumes of Laghu Kaumudi also? Thanks for your effort!

  10. Medha ji
    This is such an incredible effort.
    Does anyone have the answer keys to all the exercises in the first.3 books ?

    1. Yes, I am working on it and it is almost done. Just so much editing work...
      Thank you for your patience.

  11. Medhaji, thanks very much for publishing the sanskrit documents and making them available for students.

    Is there a web page where I can download your other books instead of one shloka at a time.

    Ex: Bhagavad gita with padacheda, Ramodantum etc.

    1. You can find it here.
      Ramodantam is also on the way. Please wait for some time.
      Thank you very much for your enthusiasm.

  12. This downloadable version of the Bhagwat Geeta explained in Sanskrit grammar point of view made us understand more easily. Additionally our Sanskrit grammar is also improving. Where can we send our donations? We are members of Arshvidya ashram in Saylorsberg PA.

    1. Namaste,
      I am glad to hear your comment.
      About donations, you can make donations to Arshavidya Saylorsberg, since all my works are gurusevaa for me.

  13. Namaste Medhaji
    Last year I was in Anaikatti Gurukulam and I bought all three books ESG. I live in Chile (South America, very far away) and I have been studying with them. It has been a very good study. Thanks a lot.

    It would be very helpful to have de answer keys for the exercises since for me is very difficult to access a good sanskirt teacher to ask him some doubts. I read that they exists but I didn't find them. If you could help me will be great.

    Anyway thaks a lot.

    1. Namaste,
      Are you the Rodrigo of Chile in the current Anaikkati course?
      I thought my answer keys are with, but I don't find them anymore. (You can ask him, also.)
      If you know my email address, write me so that I can reply with the answer keys, otherwise, go to my blog and drop me a message from the bottom of the page with your email address.

      Best wishes,


  14. Dear MedhaJI,

    Could you kindly say if you plan to release the remaining books of Laghu Siddhanta Kaumudi any time soon ? Eagerly awaiting your reply.

    1. Namaste,
      Thank you for your encouragement. I need your prayer form me to have dedicated time and occasion, like teaching in a 3-years course again, to teach LSK so that I can finish the remaining books of the series.
      I am also thinking of teaching online.
      In any ways, we need a lot of samashti punya.
      Since you reminded me, I will think about online course more positively.
      Thank you,


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